Our Approach

Our Approach

We get things done quickly, then we get out of the way so you can succeed.  We try to understand the scope of what you are trying to accomplish and make your vision a reality. We specialize in Nevada, but our reach extends to Pennsylvania, Florida, & California with the ability to adapt to other cannabis markets based on their needs.

Our Story

Our Story

Over a decade ago Jason Sturtsman started as an advocate for cannabis in Nevada.  His vision and perseverance helped influence one of the most exciting cannabis markets in the world - Nevada.

Meet the Team

We will help your business be more successful starting today.


Jason Sturtsman, B.A.E. Ed.S.

Founder & CEO

Balance has been the key to Jason Sturtsman’s success, a serial entrepreneur who is presently the owner of Budtender Fight Club : Cannabis Education and Cannabis Dispensary Education (CDE) a cannabis business consultant, owner of multiple cannabis businesses in Nevada and California, and a previous owner of a popular downtown Las Vegas music venue, Beauty Bar.

As a consultant, he has written numerous cannabis business applications and standard operating procedures, in addition to consulting on cannabis product creation, branding, marketing, & sales.  He was chosen by the Nevada Division of Public of Behavior Health, now under the Nevada Department of Taxation, over three years ago to be on the Independent Lab Advisory Committee, to provide regulation recommendations to assist with the rollout of the Nevada marijuana industry.  He has been a cannabis advocate and volunteer for over a decade in Nevada, currently on the Board of Advisors of NORML and also assisting with the Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol recreational cannabis campaign in Nevada. Currently writing for many national and local cannabis publications, along with speaking at multiple Cannabis events such as High Times Cannabis Cup, to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis.  


Michelle Ficht

Sales & Marketing

Mother to two young dragons & long time cannabis patient advocate and consumer in Nevada.  She will energize your sales with her bright smile.

As a high roller host for many years on the Las Vegas strip, she knows how to make sure your staff know how to provide maximum service.


Tori Scharadin

Executive Assistant & Application Support

Born and raised in Nevada, Tori Scharadin is a student of Economics at University of Nevada-Las Vegas. He serves as a Lee Business School senator for the 48th session in undergraduate government. He’s executive director of UNLV’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). He is an undergraduate data & analytics project manager for UNLV’s Research and Creativity Infrastructure Faculty Committee. For a career beyond college, he hopes to use his experiences and education from UNLV to help private firms succeed through entrepreneurial consultation.